Q. How do we get in contact?

A. its simple just write us an E-mail


Q. How do i take care of my Leaf?

A. the Leaf has been specially treated and aquires little to no care regarding its surface, should not be left for long periods of time in the sun. 


Q. What happens if i damage my Leaf?

A. if it does come down to the Leaf being damaged please contact us per E-mail and we will find a solution.


Q. What to do if i decide to sell my Leaf?

A. please send us an E-mail before considering selling your Leaf.


Q. What do i clean the Leaf with?

A. cleaning is simple, use alcohol to clean the surface. After drying the Leaf with a clean cloth apply the pertective oil of choice to the surface and once again remove rest oil with a clean cloth.


Q. who builds the Leaf?

A. The builder of the Leaf is Zach Lamscha.


Q. How can i purchase a Leaf?

A. signing up for the mailing list is the first step, than if Leaves are available you can contact us regarding a Leaf. If no Leaves are currently available at the time you can sign up for the waiting list.


Q. What scales are offered?

A. A list of scales will be updated on the website periodically.